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Girl in the Rearview Mirror XA Epub XE Girl In The Rearview Mirror By Kelsey Rae Dimberg XAE Survivingtheholocaust The Young Nanny For A Prominent Political Family Gets Drawn Into A Web Of Deadly Lies Including Her Own In This Stunning Debut Thriller With The Menacing Twists Of Megan Abbott And The Exquisite Suspense Of Laura Lippman An Exciting, Intoxicating Debut, It Will Hold You Until Its Startling Final Pages Megan Abbott, Bestselling Author Of Dare Me And Give Me Your HandThey Are Phoenix S First Family Handsome Philip Martin, Son Of The Sitting Senator, An Ex Football Player Who Carries Himself With An Easy Grace And Appears Destined To Step Into His Father S Seat When The Time Is Right His Wife Marina, The Stylish And Elegant Director Of Phoenix S Fine Arts Museum And Their Four Year Old Daughter Amabel, Beautiful And Precocious And BelovedFinn Hunt Is Working A Dull Office Job To Pay Off Her College Debt When She Meets Philip And Charms Amabel She Eagerly Agrees To Nanny, Thinking She S Lucked Into The Job Of A Lifetime Though The Glamour Of The Martins Lifestyle Undeniably Dazzles Finn, Her Real Pleasure Comes From Being Part Of The Family Sharing Quick Jokes With Philip In The Kitchen Before He Leaves For Work Staying Late When Marina Needs A Last Minute Sitter And Spending Long Days With Amabel, Who Is Often Treated Like A Photo Op Than A ChildBut Behind Every Fa Ade Lurks A Less Attractive Truth When A Young Woman Approaches Finn, Claiming A Connection With Philip And Asking Finn To Pass On A Message, Finn Becomes Caught Up In A Web Of Deceit With The Senate Seat At Its Center And Finn Isn T Exactly Innocent Herself She Too Has A Background She Has Kept Hidden, And Under The Hot Phoenix Sun, Everything Is About To Be Laid Bare

I m Kelsey Rae Dimberg, author of GIRL IN THE REARVIEW MIRROR a debut novel about a nanny who becomes embroiled in a powerful family s secrets, set in the blistering heat of an Arizona summer CrimeReads called it one of the Most Anticipated Crime Books of Summer.Setting is a major inspiration for me I ve moved around frequently, both when I was growing up and as an adult I ve lived in Seattle,

!!> Read ➮ Girl in the Rearview Mirror  ➲ Author Kelsey Rae Dimberg – Ls17.eu
  • Hardcover
  • 384 pages
  • Girl in the Rearview Mirror
  • Kelsey Rae Dimberg
  • English
  • 06 November 2018
  • 9780062867926

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    Decent story but the characters were duds Despite the fact there was some backstory provided, I still didn t quite get the main character, Finn It s a shame the characters were the problem here rather than the plot Usually it s the other way around.Finn Hunt is the nanny for 4 year old Amabel, the daughter of Philip and Marina Martin Philip s father is a senator in Arizona, and the hope is one day Philip will be able to slide in and take his seat once his father decides to step down Despite being the hired help, Finn feels like she is a part of the family and gets caught up in their wealthy and glamorous world She soon finds herself in the middle of something that could bring down this political first family She also needs to worry about her own past suddenly resurfacing.I just don t know what it was about Finn but she just didn t work for me I never fully understood her motivations even though you get a glimpse into her background She just fell flat as a character and to be honest the other people in the story didn t do much for me either.So why did I keep reading if I had problems with the characters Well, the plot was actually pretty decent and had enough to hook me in and want to stick with the story Something happens maybe halfway into the story that I didn t se...

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    The title intrigued me from the start Does it mean not looking back Does it mean looking the other way Does it mean keeping your secrets and your past hidden We meet Finn whose real name is Natalie, but she doesn t tell anyone because she wants to hide her past.Finn left her home and moved to Arizona, worked in the office of a Senator s son, and then became the nanny for his four year old daughter.Everyone seemed to have secrets, told lies, were manipulative, and users Some of the characters were also odd but most were selfish.GIRL IN THE REARVIEW MIRROR dragged a bit at first, and the story line was difficult to get straight, but the writing and the underlying hints about what was really going on kept me reading as the author has us mingling with the upper crust.The chapters will keep your interest because of the author s skill of inserting subtle facts throughout the chapters and as the chapters end.The story line increased in intensity and twists and kept me rapidly turning the pag...

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    Girl in the Rearview Mirror is a domestic family drama with a political thriller flair This book s slowburning build up really didn t amount to the amount of action I was expecting The characters weren t l...

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    This was slow starting out but when it got good it got really good I did not like the ending at all I must say the good parts were good parts Ha HA Like that But I like Finn the detective is what I like to call her She had her nose in everything.I will be looking for Dimberg s next book.I gave this book 3.5 stars Pick up a copy and let me know what you think about it The Mary Reader received this book from the publisher for review A favorable re...

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    I won this via goodreads giveaways in exchange for an honest review All my opinions are my own 3.25 3.5 starsIt was a good story but for me it was mystery and suspense and light on the thriller part Maybe cause I ve read many in this drama and watch lots of ...

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    Girl in the Rearview Mirror Written by Kelsey Rae DimbergReview written by Diana Iozzia Girl in the Rearview Mirror was a very divisive thriller for me I think that my interest level in this book was high when I first began, but I grew less and less interested as I continued to read The book follows the story of Finn female , who becomes entangled with many mysteries surrounding the political family she works for Finn is shady, all on her own, from the secrets she hides and the stories she tells the readers However, I felt that the intrigue paid off to almost non existent suspense and insignificant plot reveals I give credit where credit s due This is a good first debut novel, but it just did not blow me out of the water.There are so many different reveals and plot twists, that it will be hard to review this book without giving much away To do so, I will list what I liked and disliked about this book, because I d rather not spoil any details.Likes 1 The dialogue was fantastic It was very realistic and natural The characters had their own distinct style of speaking 2 There is a fantastic twist halfway through about the granddaughter of the Senator, the child of the two main characters, Philip and Marina Goodness gracious, I didn t see that coming That certainly knocked my socks off in the best way.3 I ve always liked an unse...

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    This starts off somewhat intriguing but never really finds it feet The main character was unsympathetic to me after expressing her bullshit opinion about how the political climate is hard on white men Again, no one cares that white men are now facing minor consequences, that largely amount to inconveniences, when they are outed in racist, sexist, antisemtic, transphobic or homophobic statements, actions or policies Relax, white men are still allowed to be bullies, they re just gonna be called bullies when they act like bullies The police won t assassinate them for no reason, their kids won t be held in cages, they ll just...

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    Ok, so I have mixed feelings about this book I liked it as far as thrillers go but at the same time I felt it was lacking on the strong character connection and storyline From the summary, I knew that everyone had a secret and no one was innocent Yet, when all of the cards were laid on the table, the secrets were not that jar dropping Maybe I am being a bit harsh as this is my favorite genre Finn s secret was most disappointing I thought it was going to be something huge Not to excuse what happened in the past as horrible but I just thought it was going to be dark This is because of who she was working for Speaking of the Martin s They were kind of dull Philips s father had a stronger commanding presence then his son The last third of the story seemed rushed This is where all of everyone s secrets and the storyline came together but not much details were spen...

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    Start your summer off with this sizzling debut novel from Kelsey Rae Dimberg, GIRL IN THE REARVIEW MIRROR It is fast paced and brings the heat.Finn is an interior designer stuck in a boring office job to pay off her college debt when, through a stroke of luck, she is offered the position of nanny to pretty and precocious Amabel, the four year old granddaughter of a current Arizona senator and member of a politically powerful and privileged family.Senator Jim Martin is in the midst of a re election campaign that is faltering and his son, Philip, and daughter in law, Marina are closing ranks to bring about a successful conclusion to the election Philip has an easy manner with All American football good looks and has his eye on his father s Senate seat next term while beautiful, busy and unflappable Marina is the director of Phoenix s fine arts museum.Finn has a unique outsider s perspective of the world of political insiders that continually operate under pressure and scrutiny The Martins are pillars of the community and Finn is dazzled by the life and the family that is until a young woman comes into Finn s life with information about the Martins Finn is torn How should she respond Will this put the Senate seat in jeopardy Does anyone not have secrets Finn has reinvented herself since college everyone tried on personalities for size Her new self is reserved and mature She feels part of the Marti...

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    First of all, I won this ARC book through a Goodread s Giveaway Thanks to all for making this possible and for me to leave an honest review Thanks also to William Morrow of HarperCollins Publishers My first thought while reading this book was Where have you been hiding this talented author I believe this is her debut but it doesn t read like one This author will definitely be on my radar for up coming books This is a dazzlingly, twisty and great psychological novel that had me flipping to the next nail biting chapter It takes place in the heat of Arizona and you could feel the stifling heat because of the prose of the author From K...

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